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replacement wiring connectors


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I'm looking for a source for OEM-style wiring connectors for a 64 Riv. I'm looking for a several different styles:<BR>- The tab-locking type used in GM cars for years. I'm particularly interested the one- and two-conductor (T) types, as well as individual contacts that I can crimp onto wires and insert into the plastic shells.<BR>- The end contacts for console light sockets (e.g. ashtray).<BR>- The umbrella-shaped contacts in tail light sockets.<P>I used to get some of these parts at NAPA, but nobody in California sells parts for anything more than 2 years old. Anybody know where I can buy these?<P>Thanks.

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An AC-Delco jobber will sometimes carry factory type wiring plugs and terminals. One in Greensboro NC has come thru for my 60s Oldsmobiles and a friend's Pontiacs several times. It helps that this shop is attuned to old cars; both the owner and parts manager are old car freaks of the highest order. They had an AC-Delco rebuilt fuel pump for 1964 Olds on the shelf last month, at about a third of what the big-name old car supply houses wanted.<P>My sympathies on the CA situation. There are people in power there who won't be satisfied until every last old car is off the road and crushed. And not servicing simple parts is only the start...

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