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I need help on just where the decals go on the 49 buick strait 8 ?? i have all of them and am not shure ,, the air filter ,, the oil filter, and how many inches from the rear of the rocker cover and the bottom .of the rocker cover with that large decal,, i have some pictures, but not shure confused.gif" border="0

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Guest James Conkwright

Nino, I have a 1950 Buick and I believe it is the same. The air cleaner decal is located on the top of the cleaner, the oil filter decal is located on the side of the oil filter holder in the middle. The large BUICK FIREBALL decal goes on the passenger side of the valve cover with BUICK closest to the firewall. I hope this helps out. But get another opinion a '49 could be different.<P>James Conkright<BR>1950 46-S

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