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1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon


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My Dad's wagon 1992 Roadmaster, has a problem with bearing at end of driveshaft, where it goes into differential?. His local<BR>mechanic (he will not go to a Buick dealership) has told him that this bearing needs replacement. The total cost (3 hrs.<BR>labor) would be about $260., does anyone know<BR>does that sound OK?, and do these bearings do in fact wear out? The car has about 124k<BR>on it, and it is my Dad's pride and joy.

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You are describing the pinion bearing. y brother's '92 Roadmaster Wagon had a couple of bad bearings in the rear end. They made a horrific noise! It helped us negotiate a sweet deal on it. We had the whole rear end rebuilt and it was about $800. So your deal sounds OK.

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