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1936 Dodge 1/2 ton pick up info

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Hello all,

My father was an enthusiast of Antique trucks and worked to rebuild a 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup (Model LC). It was really important to him and when he passed away recently we decided to try to keep the old truck going. However, although I shared his interest in cars and working on them, he would never let me, my sister or my mother drive this truck. It was his. Those were the rules, and until he passed away, that was fine.

However, now I find myself with an interesting quandary. We have a truck, in great shape, that none of us have any idea know how to even start.

It's a "push button" start, but I don't even know how to find. I spent a frustrating 1/2 day yesterday poking around it. I figured out how to hot wire it from under the hood- but I wondered if anyone out there might have some idea where I should look to start it for real.

thank you in advance,


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Hi, David...Welcome to the Forum.

Your call, but, you could leave this post here, and, also post it in the Chrysler Products section (scroll down the main page)and there is a Dodge Products title.

Sorry about the loss of your father. Someone will more than likely be offering assistance to the starting problem shortly.

Regards, Peter J.

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Dave, try moving down to the Dodge Brothers site. Hopefully someone there can answer. Some of those guys don't venture up here. There isn't a technical director in the DB club for your '36, but there is a TD for '35 models DU and KC. He doesn't have an email address, if you want I can give his phone no. by Private Message. He could probably help. My father took many secrets with him too, sorry for your loss.

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Guest BillP

Hi Dave,

Like Jay's, my '39 Dodge ton & 1/2 Express has a round pedal right above the foot throttle. It connects via mechanical linkage to the starter and when pushed makes the high amp connection straight from the battery cable to the starter. Usually I push the pedal with my toe and tap the throttle a little with my heel. There is a separate low amperage key ignition switch on the dash to supply voltage to the coil but it is only off-on.

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