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1912 Cadillac with brass or / and nickel trim ?

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Though I can not speak as to the Cadillac, I do know that in 1912, the E-M-F Was offered with nickel plating for an additional price. I have not yet found out how much the nickel cost extra. I have two 1912 E-M-F's (actually one complete and one parts car). One is trimmed in brass and one is trimmed in Nickel over brass.

For more information on the E-M-F, check out the E-M-F Homepage at the link below:

E-M-F Homepage at dreamwater.org/emfauto

Have a great day and happy motoring!

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I own a 1912 Cadillac Model 30 with nickel trim. I also saw a photo of the 1912 Model 30 with brass trim. As the car was new was there also brass trim available ?

Thanks for your answers.


I have a pair of 1912 Cadillac electric headlights, which are brass, with German Silver rims. These are Gray & Davis lights, with the Cadillac Script engraved on the tops of the bodies. Neat pieces though!

Art Anderson



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