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I'm a young'in "25" considering starting my first rod project with V-12. What type of hp do they make stock. Would probbly use ford body (lincoln to costly)...any suggestions for style/yr. After rebuild of eng. would it be reliable enough to drive to goodguys 50mi away?



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Hi Scott, when I was your age in the 1950's, I too did have the urge and did have a "Hot-Rod Lincoln". Had a lot of fun with it, just street racing of course, but it was a very different time, the hottest stock car back then was the Olds 88, and my Lincoln with its 120 basic HP, and extra carburetion could beat them in a drag race, but I am afraid today, with Hondas putting out twice that HP, you might end up with a very heavy, and expensive project that may not be too satisfying, also V-12's do not easily fit in to anything but a Lincoln very comfortably, would be glad to persue the matter with you if you wish, have some data and articles about it, contact me off site at rolf@sasquatch.com


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Guest imported_V12Bill

Scott, Flathead V8engines can be costly to rebuild and more costly to modify. V 12 engines are very costly to rebuild and extremely costly to modify. Thats probably why you see so many small block bow tie engines taking up the space where a flathead belongs.

V 12's from l94l had l20 HP, 42's fhad l30 HP and the postwar smaller bore had l25 HP. You can buy a 502 crate engine for about the cost of rebuilding a V 12 and the crate engine will put out 400 + HP.

I just recently rebuilt a V 12 and the cost was close to $5000. If I were to modify that engine with multi carburation, finned aluminium heads, hot cam, etc etc the cost could easily double. Probable HP would be lucky to get to l75 or 200. In short, unless you want a resto rod,you are only trying to reinvent the wheel. crazy.gif


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