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Can anyone identify this truck? 30s 40s?

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I'm attaching a tiny photo of what looks to be an old firetruck of some sort. Note the odd 3-piece windshield, which aught to help identify it even though it has no grille left. This is a very large truck, the wheels are over 20" from the looks and it could be a 2-ton or more chassis on it. Can anyone tell me what this is or what year it might be? No one was home at the house so this was the best I could do for pictures. It might be available for a reasonable price, it depends on whos property it is on.

Also, is there a type of truck that would have used large wood spoked wheels? 1920's era? Probably about 3' tall with the tires on them.

Thanks -

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From the pics, it looks very much like a very 39-41 American LaFrance--don't have my firetruck books handy, but sure looks like it.

As far as trucks with wooden wheels--yup, a lot of those were built, from Ford, Chevy and Dodge prior to about 1926-27 (all 1 and 1.5 tonners), to the larger 2-2.5 ton trucks from such as Pierce Arrow, Packard, White, Oldsmobile, and a number of other makers.


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