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Well i think i really screwed somthing up this time. I was driving my 71 442 and had just started off a stoplight, i got to about 20 25 and gave it a generous amount of gas, although i wasnt flooring it. I got to about 40 45 and i felt a pop, and the Tach flatlined. I still had power steering and brakes until i turned onto a sidestreet. Now the car wont start. The engine cranks, the belts spin, but it will not start. On top of that, the Tach usually reads about 1- 200 RPMs while the starters engaged. It is reading nothing now. It is an aftermarket auto guage.

Any info would be appreciated.



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I did that once with my Chevelle SS, when I checked over the engine I found that the rotor contact had actually moved causing a no start situation.I replaced the cap and rotor and everything was back to normal.It is also possible that you skipped the timing chain.


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