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1965 Special Convert Exhaust & Engine Questions


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I have a 1965 Special Convertible (300 2V)that I'll be doing some work on this Winter. My questions are:<P>1) Can anyone recommend a good vendor for exhaust systems. My car has a dual setup already but the rear pipes are rusting and the cherry bombs from the last owner a bit loud for me. I've seen prices of anywhere from $290 for aluminized to $700 for stainless. Any product/vendor recommendations?<P>2) My transmission (ST-300) was leaking fluid pretty seriously, and I was lucky enough to find a rebuilt engine and transmission from a '67 Skylark on this site. I plan to put them in as a unit but was wondering if there are any differences whatsoever between a 1965 300 2V and a 1967 300 2V. I don't believe there are, but thought I'd throw the question out before I encounter something unexpected.<P>Thanks<P>Bret Kilbourn

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