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lincoln zephyr

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i purchased a lincoln years ago. and was told it is a zephyr 1946,one of the

1st sold in calif. after the war. it has emblems that have zephry

on them. but have been told that they did not make a zephyr in 1846 or later

does anyone have any information to clear this up.


jack rustigan

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Phil is right, but as in the case of the 1942 305 CI V-12's, the first cars produced after the war, seemed to use up the remaining 1942 model parts still in stock, thus explaining why you may indeed have some '42 parts, the '42's were still called Zephyrs, check the engine in the car also, if it is the original, it may be one of the very desirable ones that George Trickett says has a thicker cylinder wall, and came with a 2 15/16 bore!! They supposedly were used in the first '46's produced, interesting trivia for sure, Rolf

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