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looking for steering wheel or repairing lucite for 46-8 Lincoln

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Dear Jim,One of the things i am working on right now on my 39 Zephyr,i am not sure if your wheel is made of the same material.I sanded all the old finish off to the rubber with 80 grit paper,veed out all cracks,filled with 2-part epoxy putty,primed with urethane primer-surfacer and will paint with a single stage urethane.Let me know if you need any more help.diz laugh.gif

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Diz, Your epoxy fill will work fine on the solid rubber, painted wheels, but the later wheels are opaque and you can almost see the metal core in the wheel. A few years ago I saw a 46 - 48 wheel at Carlisle that had been totally recast. It looked beautiful, but was near 4 figures. shocked.gif The vender has been back since then but I do not recall his name.

Bill confused.gif

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