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IPC black


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Doe's aneyone out there have a wiring schematic for a 90 IPC? I have one with a burned up part in it ,that I can't identify.If I can tell what it is I should be able to replace it and make it work.

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Guest BobbyBubba

I'm just guessing here- shouldn't a reputable tv repair shop- be able to work on these- even the CRT's ? They're had to be schematics when created, right? Woulda been nice- if they had just microfeched it- and stuck it to the inside of panel- for future repair- like old radios & tv's used to be.

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Bobby and all,

The schematic for the crt is unavailable from Zenith, GM etc.

I have an overhaul shop that has re-written the schematic, identified and sourced the components.

I have overhauled CRT/touchscreens with a 2 year warranty available in my eBay store.

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I imagine Delco authorized speedo service centers were issued schematics and parts lists for all the clusters and components that needed repair. These were never issued to the public (GM has managed to keep these very close to the vest) so us mere mortals have no access to them.

I have figured out the common failure points in the 90/91 IPC's and the parts needed, but have not gotten enough clusters rebuilt and stocked yet to offer any for sale. The blackout condition is the result of the high voltage VFD power supply burning up. There a several capacitors, a coupe of diodes and a few transistors that all need replacement when this happens.

At this point, I would recommend buying a rebuilt cluster, or a known working used one. With the latter, you are taking a chance it may only last a short time, as one that is all original (20+ years old) could go any time. Then you have another paper weight. Rebuilt IPC's are more costly, but you have some piece of mind that they will work for years to come. There are also shops that will repair the Reatta IPC and CRT if you have a spare to send out, or can lay up the car while the repairs are done.


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