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steering wheel

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i would appreciate info on how the horn rim is removed from the

lincoln(1948) steering wheel.Also, what do you use to clean the the

wheel.the red lucite(?) has got quite dark and dirty.

thanks in advance chris

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Hi Cebb, on the horn ring, pull a battery cable off the battery, either one is OK, just so the horn won't blow, then push down firmly in the center of the ring, and turn the top of the ring to the left, it will go hard for a bit, and as it hits its slots, the spring will push it out at you, to clean up the wheel, start with hot water and household detergent, use a soft rag so as not to scratch it, if that does not work you may have to go more aggressive solvents, polishing or rubbing compound comes to mind, but you want to be careful to not melt the finish, maybe others have a more fool-proof way, but this has always worked for me, good luck, Rolf

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Chris, I agree with Rolf, do not be too agressive with the plastic on these Lincolns. They are old and brittle. I have had success by sanding some of the scars and scratches out with 320 grit sandpaper. Use a plastic polishing rouge with a STRING buffing wheel. A rag wheel will get the plastic hot and melt it. If you have doubts as to your ability start with a small spot on the under side. Its not hard to do and the results are great. Works on the other plastic knobs on your 48 also.


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