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Help with 41 Continental air filter

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I have a rotten 1941 air filter that came with my car. Apparently the car had leaks in the trunk and it was left in storage for lots of years with a humid trunk with the air filter inside. I had to replace the whole trunk floor, and of course the trunk material was rotten also. Unfortunately, the air filter rotted a lot too. Since I assume they are difficult to obtain and expensive, I am thinking of restoring it.

Exterior sheet metal in the base is almost intact. The top cover has a large whole, but my body man can make a good patch there.

Biggest problem is the interior, as the top part of the body, which serves to hold the filtering material and hold the top is completely rotten, but I think I understand what should be there and my body man can do it also.

My main doubt is how the entrance of the tube going to the engine manifold should be fitted. Is this soldered to the air filter or just sits there? I don't have a clue as my full tube and tube entrance are missing.

Can anybody help with description or pictures?



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Hi again Victor, looked in the trusty book, there were two types, an oil bath like the one pictured here, and a dry type used on '40 and '41, hope there is enough left to tell which one you have, as I recall the dry type is a lot lower than the one shown in the attachment, hope this helps, Rolf

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