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Web Help Needed!!! *DELETED*

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I would look for some place else to host the web site and just let Peter G put in a link to it if he insists on Microsoft Front Page. It is overly complicated for a simple web page and pushes form over content. Try downloading the free Mozzila web browser that has an editor built in. It isn't perfect but you can quickly lay out a basic page and expand as you learn and you need more. One nice feature is you can look at the raw code with a click of a tab so you can learn some of what makes a web page work under the hood. Moozilla is also cross platform working on Windows, Mac, Linux and a few other platforms.

My personal short list of web page design:

Content is more important than form. If you don't have something worth sharing it doesn't matter how well the web site is designed.

For speed of download pages should be less than 100 Kbytes if possible. Only about 20% of thw web users have high speed connections.

Photos should be scaled to size being shown, if you let the browser scale it you slow downloads by transferring a large photo and slow the viewers computer by making it do the scaling.

Pages should print easily.

Power users have multiple web pages open so the page should display well in less than full screen (with simple pages this some time is as easy as setting your page width to 100% instead of a specific number of pixels).

Not all users have large screens see above.

No blinking messages or animated graphics.

Don't make a big deal about being under construction, it is the web that goes without saying.

No sound and music or optionally off. Many people are web surfing while doing other things (like at work).

No ads for products other than your own, this includes the kind of computer used or web authoring tools, it takes away from our message.

Return to home buttons on all pages

Titles on all pages, titles are used in bookmarks

Don't make the page hard to read with busy backgrounds

No frames

Some other good check lists:

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design


The Top Fifteen Mistakes of First Time Web Design


Style Guide for online hypertext - Old but still useful


Good luck

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Hi Ron, welcome back. PeterG had a great seminar on the web site build-up. I think he said you "had" to have the Front Page program. Our group watched him set up a site right in front of our eyes, very easy. The Front Page Program costs about $150.00. I will be asking my club for direction on this matter as it is time to "do our thing". My 14 year old son, Mike, will be doing the honors. I know absolutely nothing about this program, but it certainly worked a lot like my Publisher Program. All I can tell you for now. Oh,except my son Mike said, "You'll have compertition!" <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> Wayne

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Its great to see you back old friend. Hope all is well since your "retirement" from the printed page.


That is correct.. Frontpage Is mandetory for hosting on the AACA site.

I began our region's web site shortly after the web hosting began in 98 (I think it was). Got Front page but never read any manuals. Instead spent the time experimenting, using common sense, and trying different ideas. Frontpage is that easy to work with. I started with Frontpage 98 and now the Frontpage 2003 is much much more easier still.

Went from Award of Distinction to Award of Excellence this year. Was surprised but delighted.

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I agree with your comments as to form and content for the web page. I believe some of them go counter to what many people are doing however. The web provides a great opportunity to report on activities in near real time as opposed to the printed page that is published once a month.

I find Front Page easy to use particularly to produce web pages that comply with your form and content guidelines. I think I paid about $75 for it purchased on the web. Some Regions do use other host computers than the AACA's and Peter will link them to the club website.

John P.

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One thing to think about when deciding whether or not to let the AACA host your web site is what will your web address be. With the AACA your address will be - www.aaca.org/yourregionname/. This is very easy to remember. When you are hosted by another source, these addresses are often hard to remember and your region name often gets lost in a long stream of text. Just food for tought.

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Thanks for the great input Jim - and the perfect opportunity to introduce myself as the new Chair of AACA's Internet Committee. In that capacity, I'll be working with a team of dedicated individuals who are going to manage the web contest. I'll be posting more important info later under it's own heading but wanted to say that many of the things you mentioned as being important are indeed some of the things we will be looking for as we evaluate individual sites for recognition later in the year.

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