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WIll be ebaying whats left in May so get the good deal now.

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Greetings to all.

90 TC, Black, Tan Interior. Parts for sale.

V-6 automatic car,130000 miles. Motor strong but needs valve seals.

ABS doesn't work but is complete and brakes work great.

This is a driver at this point, if you are looking for a TC to actually drive, here you go. The Left headlight took a rock before I got the car. I removed the glass and hand made a plexiglass lens for it. Although not factory it does have a very euro look to it. The right headlight is in perfect condition and is for sale.

If you have a broken right light and would like a matched set, untill you get a replacement I will sell this left and convert your right as well to euro, really not difficult, JB Weld and plexglass is all that is required. And a ton of patience.


I do have the left light but the lens has been replaced with plexeglass $50

Hard Top (emblem glass out (opera window), but I have it) $400

Soft Top ( I will not seperate the cloth from the mechanicals) $500

Side turn Lights $50 a side

Left Tail light $100

Right light broken lens Make offer if you have a lens and need frame

backup lights $50 ea $75 fer both

I will entertain reasonable offers for all of the above as well.

Car is also for sale minus the parts listed below, and the list will be kept up to date as parts are sold.

I am also willing to trade this car for an 1984 or newer Corvette. Only real requirement is that it not be wrecked, and it must run enough to be moved around. I would prefer a stick but will entertain possibility of an automatic.

All other parts are there. Call me at (740) 967-4324 if there is something you want. Telepohne calls are prefered

Or e-mail me at kfoor@earthlink.net


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I was suprised about how fast that I got requests for parts. Please remember theat the prices are negoiable (sp) and I have no ideal what any of this is really worth. I have posted prices on the items above. I know that the headlight is worth more than I ask for it. But the tail lights are a bit high. As opposed to editing the price, if you need it, offer me something for it and we will come to an agreement somewhere. I only have E-bay to give me any idea about what these parts are worth. And If I get $2500 or $3000 for all of it I will be happy as heck. And remember this is a running car, not a wreck that is being parted out. If you are interested in it let me know. I will consider trades for other vehicles as well.

Also, if you are willing to pay for my labor ($200) and the kit ($100) I will do the valve seals on the motor if you are interested in buying the motor or the entire carminus the parts listed in the top post. I did look into that and it's not a difficult thing to do, it's just time consuming.

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OK, I haven't been around for a bit, I lost the information for the gentleman that wanted the seat, turn light and chrome. Please get with me about these parts if you are still interested. Prices are all totally negotiable on all parts. SO call me at (740) 967-4324 with your needs and I will work you a good deal.

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