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not that mechanical but trying to learn


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My 91 with V6 didn't move the guage much when I drove mostly at freeway speeds (65mph) in Lousiana for about 10 minutes to work. Now that I'm in SoCal again with the stop and go driving in town & on the freeway (gridlock-way is more like it) that guage does the up and down just like it should. I never complained about the guage not going up since the V6 doesn't like to be overheated and runs better at the cooler temps for me.

David Lawrence

91 TC 4sale in Riverside, CA


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i have had the tc in the garage for the winter and took it out today and noticed the oil guage is not moving either. Could these issues be related since both guages are located on the left of the dash??? any ideas where to look to correct these problems ???


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