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A "Turquoises 1948 L/C with a 368 V-8 engine? Past History??

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Hello you all, I have a test question. I have a Black 1948 L/C, that when new was Blue. Back in the late 50's, someone had painted it Turquoises and installed a 1956/57 368 V-8 engine using the stock drive gears, (Trans. & Rear-end) I've owned the car for the last eight years. (It now have a V-12 installed.)

The guy I brought the car from had it about 35 years (It was black when he got it) I'm getting the car ready to paint now and I've notice a lots of Turquoises paint under the black paint. The Question is: Would any of you know who had this car when it was Turquoises? Or a picture of it? cool.gifI'm sure, if someone had seen it, they would not forget.

I'm trying to find more of the car history. Any help??? Thanks Willie confused.gifsmirk.gifconfused.gif

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