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Hi guys, checked the parts book, unfortunately no pictures, but they describe the air cleaner for a '36-'38 as a H-9600, not used on cars equipped with air cleaner to inlet tube, replaced by 26H9625, the '42-'48 oil bath type, not sure if in a show they would allow that change or not, those were sure nice pictures of that immaculate'37 Cece, thanks for showing them, that air cleaner there does not look like any Ford I ever saw, and the H number indicates it is unique to the early Zephyrs, not gospel, but reasonable, Rolf

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Hey Rolf -

Thanks for the info. Yup, that coupe I took pictures of is stunning. I hope mine looks half as good when I'm done. My "problem" is that I picked up an air cleaner purported to be for a '37, but it doesn't look exactly like the one in the pics, nor does it have a part number (which is typical). However, two experts felt it was, but at least one other expert had doubts. So when I get a chance, I'll post a pic and let the forum folks tell me what they think.

Regardless, it's not like I'll be in a show lined up next to 20 other '37 Zephyrs, all of us comparing our air cleaners! wink.gif

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