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1 Dodge Viper GTS Hardcover brochure left!!! LAST CHANCE...

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I have one of these books left. Read below for details. Last chance to get yours.

In late 1995 my employer (I work for a large commercial printer) was given the contract to produce the regular showroom brochure for the launch of the 96 GTS.

As a special "thank-you" to the many folks who participated in creating the regular brochure, Chrylser Corp (pre Diamler) created and gave out 250 specially designed "hardcover" editions as gifts to the people involved in the project; from the Viper team at Chrysler design studios all the way down to the printer of the brochure (I personally did nearly all the photo-retouching and color work on the brochure).

250 of these books exist.

233 were handed out.

The remainder (17), once kept in our company sample room until last March when they were pulled destined for the shredder to be ground into confetti and then recycled (they purge the sample room every 5 years), were rescued.

I took some of them, sold a few and kept some.

You will never find these at any auto-shows, eBay or anywhere else.

So if you are interested, I have ONE hardcover 1996 Dodge Viper GTS brochures that It is still sealed in it's original wrap.

The brochure is a blue w/ white stripes in a leather-like finish (not real leather but still quite stunning) with a real beaming metal chrome and blue Viper badge affixed.

I am asking 175.00 for each (shipped, I will cover postage). US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY!!!!

If interested, I will send you pictures of it.

My eBay user name is rlpolkus, you can check my feedback for assurance as it is quite worthy.

You can reach me at rlpolkus@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time,


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