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'64 le sabre pics......

Guest trevor ward

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Guest trevor ward

now my '64 resto is coming along after the paint job, i need a few reference pics of a "correct" engine compartment for my '64 le sabre. it has the 300 high compression motor with the four barrel, and i am after fairly simple info, such as decal placement. But i am particularly keen to discover what windshield fluid bottles should be in place, as i have at present got a japanese bag, with the pump incorporated, hanging on the firewall, but i am sure i am right in saying that i should have a buick bottle on the inner fender somewhere,with which to hold the washer fluid, and maybe there is also another bottle of some sort further forward, am i right??......<BR> Hope somebody can help out as i am keen to get these thing right!!!!!!!!<P> confused.gif" border="0confused.gif" border="0 <P><BR> THANKS......<BR> TREVOR.........<P><BR> '64 LE SABRE RESTO. . .MONEY PIT!!!!!!!

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