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New to this board. Any source for hardtop opera windows?

Rich 90TC

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from: TC Pages


The problem of clouding of the porthole window glass can be easily repaired in the following manner.

1). Remove the headliner side panel.

2). Remove the port hole glass from the hardtop by cutting the epoxy that secures the glass in the top.

3). Using an Exacto knife, CAREFULLY separate the inner and outer glass discs.

4). Clean the inner surfaces of both with alcohol and a soft cloth, being careful with the 'trident' decal.

5). Reassemble the two halves and seal the seam with a small bead of clear automotive-grade silicone.

6). When dry, reassemble window into hardtop.

I've not had the pleasure of doing this myself.

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Aha! I knew someone would find the write up, good catch Jeffrey. BTW, welome to the TC list as well, nice

to have new members who do more than

just lurk. Can we all tell that complacentcy is one of my peeves??? Lets see, when I first joined this

list not too terribly long ago and asked the very simplest of questions that any TC owner could

answer by simply opening their trunk and peeling back the carpet a bit, did even one member give

it a try. I think by the tone we already know that answer.

I will chime in a bit more on the 'fogging' side glass repair since I have a bit more experrience now.

The write up simply says "remove headliner side panel" Easier said than done. I was fortunate enough to

be 'learning' how to perform this task on a junkyard TC top because sure enough, I craked the panel

and ripped the weatherstrip. The side panel is held in place by four screws located UNDER the weatherstrip

(carefull, there is one in the front corner) and by five plastic 'push' type rivets. Start with the screws, then for

the rivets, be sure to get your hand squarely behind the panel and apply even pressure to get the

rivet to release. Too much uneven pressure on one side of the rivet will tear the little plastic chanel

that the rivet head sits in. Once that happens, that rivet will not help hold the panel anymore. Also the latch

handle on the affected side needs to be removed with a 10mm wrench. Obviously, the top needs to be removed

and inverted on a non scratch surface to perform this four hour minimum task. Be very ginger with the

weatherstrip unless you really want air/water rushing in the car when you drive. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

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Well, by the time I had looked in my trunk at the antenna wiring, you had added a post chastising people for not answering. Therefore I didn't answer your question either. Took me all of my 20 something yearold years to figure out that 'attitude' and patience have a very big effect on how others respond. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

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