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vintage Ford and Chevy trucks, bread truck, Paddy wagon, more

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Some more that my friend has for sale, again his prices - email, PM, post with questions for more details.

1953 Ford F100 bread truck $3500 (can get a similar '59 also)

1954 COE $3500

1956 30-passenger school bus $1500


1929 1-ton truck $6500

1937 panel truck $1500 may have a second one coming in, not sure year 37-8-9

1937 pickup (rough) $1500

1937 dump truck $1500

1938 1 1/2 ton truck $3800

1941 COE short wheelbase, nice shape, rare, $1000

1942 Military 1/2 ton $1500

1946 truck doodlebug $800

1947 1 1/2 ton $2500

1947 sedan delivery $1500

1948 COE $1500

1950 car hauler $1500

1954 2 1/2 ton $600

Also will be coming in soon a 1948-52 Chevy based Paddy Wagon, custom body. About all that is left is the main body on the chassis, (doors present but not sure where nose went, no drivetrain) looks like a 1-ton or so, but the nose stuff is easy. The body is coachbuilt and will need some new wood but is all there. Very rare, great base for a street rod project or restoration. Has seats in back in fair shape, being used for storage, most of the lights still on it as well. Listening to offers.

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