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Surprise Finding: Another '60 Buick Flxette (Ambulance)


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A few weeks back, I posted a topic here about a couple of interesting Buicks for sale on Ebay, including a 1960 Flxible Flxette standard wheelbase hearse. I commented at that time that these cars are very rarely seen, and the Flxible hearses on Buick chassis were almost never found here in the Pacific Northwest.<P>And now, wonder of wonders, I discover that there is a 1960 Buick ambulance for sale about one-half hour from my home in Washington state. This car is technically the "combination" car that could be used as either an ambulance or hearse. Unlike the hearse that was recently on Ebay, however, this car does not have the blanked out rear quarter window area, but has the full side windows, much like a station wagon model. The car does, of course, have the high, domed roof, and the rear quarter glass wraps around to the roof support at the rear of the car. This car is also the standard wheelbase "Flxette" model, and I'm guessing that total production of the 1960 Buick Flxibles was fewer than 50 units. Does anyone have a better estimate?<P>This particular car appears straight and complete with all moldings, Flxible nameplates, '60 Buick wheelcovers, etc. The vehicle had evidently been in service as an ambulance in a small Eastern Washington community for many years. The car is painted silver, has a large spotlight mounted on the driver's door, and apparently comes complete with its original siren.<P>The car is a restoration project, with some small rust patches appearing at the bottom of the doors. Someone messed up the hood hinges, so the hood no longer closes properly. The interior door panels and upholstery would also require restoration. The car's starter has been removed, although the seller indicates that the car is otherwise driveable. At $2,995, the car is over-priced for a restoration project. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw one of these? <P>This could be a really neat car for someone interested in the Buick Flxibles of that era. The car has great potential to be a real show stopper. If anyone has an interest or knows someone seeking one of these cars, you may e-mail me at laurance@integrity.com, and I would be pleased to give you more information and the seller's telephone number.

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