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192? Ford Stake Bed Truck

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My in-laws have a second home in Hamlet Indiana. For the past few years we have been going with my wife?s sister after Thanksgiving to get a Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm named Henslers (spelling) that is only a few miles from their place. The farm in on Route 30. Anyways this year the owner of the farm bought a Ford Stake Bed Truck (See attach Picture which was taken in b&w by my sister-in-law) to add to his ever-growing farm. He has Reindeer a petting zoo etc.

Can anyone tell what year this truck is by this picture?

I wish I would of taken more pictures of it. One of the widows had 1928 in crayon written on it. I ask the owner but he wasn?t sure of the year. His son gave him the truck I think.

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Thanks 1937hd45.

It is amazing what you find and see out there. There is a Hamlet Motor Pool (junk yard) I think that is the name of it that has some old cars. Always meant to stop in there to see what is under all that grass and hidden behind the trees. Maybe this spring I will stop by there and take some pictures.

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Mid-year 1928-early 1929 AA 1.5 ton truck. Tires are the 30" High Pressure tire on the 6-hole disc wheelsb (High Pressure truck tires like these had their size quoted as outside (tread) diameter, but they are right at 20" rim diameter, IIRC)

The 6-hole wheel was single wheel only, could not be dualed, and were always mounted "dish-inward".

The more common 6:00-20 dual 5-hole wheels came in the middle of 1929, and mounted in the same fashion as modern-day disc truck wheels (front wheel dished outward, rear inners dished outward, rear outers dished inward).

Art Anderson

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A freind of mine has a Ford Stake bed dually. The title says 1930 but a guy told her that its not a 1930, its a 1928 or 29. Do any of you guys have any ideas? Here are some photos.

Thanks, Art







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The first model A I owned was titled as a 30 and had the body of a 29. I was told that some of the early thirty models had 29 body's because Ford was trying to use up the last of the previous model year parts. Dont know if its true but that is what I was told.

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