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1936 buick

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Received my 36 buick today. Needs lots of word and I need lots of help. Best forum for information on restoration and parts? Have VIN #, style 36-4419; body#73493. Only thing I know missing at this time is radio and hood ornament. Any help appreciated. Would also like to purchase necessary literature. What should I buy and source? Thanks again.


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Hi Rod, I can help a little with the documentation. I have had excellent luck on eBay finding original and OEM reprints of all of my '47s documentation. Also there are several good auto document printers out on the web. Try Facon Auto Literature at :

1-800-458-2734 or fax 909-786-4166

3901 Carter Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

Check out Hemmings Motor News too. They have a website and a publication that lists all sorts of vendors and parts lists by marque. You can pick one up at a local Barnes and Noble.

As far as forums go, the AACA, CCCA and Buick Forums are the best I have dealt with in my short time in the hobby.

Most folks cross-forum and own several vintages of car.

Try GOOGLE search for parts...I have found any number of small groups or vendors for Cadillac parts that way. I am sure other members will have more information for you!

If you have not yet done so, join one of the clubs like the AACA, CCCA or Buick National Clubs...they are tremendous sources of help and parts.

WELCOME! We are happy to have you here! Hope that helps a little! grin.gif

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