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Yet Another Infamous Roadster Progress Update

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Unfortunately my back decided it wanted extended horizontal time. Little has been done physically on the Roadster. I have however managed to continue my progress forward. I have undoubtedly moved further in to the 'crazy' stage... from all of the lack of activity.

With the help of the DFers I have a couple of possible sources for the Top Bow's, as well as information on do-it-yourself. I'm weighting my options on this now and will decide how to progress after the first of the year.

I've located three sources for running boards (one thanks to Tim Wolfe, another in Australia, and another in North Carolina). Tim Wolfe's source I believe is basically as original. The Australian ones I have been told are close, but not quite original as they use a square bend on the edge rather than the original rounded edge. The North Carolina company makes them very different in design from the original, though from the top they look original. They use a heavier metal with reinforcements, rather than the bent/channellized original style. I am going to talk to Tim Wolfe a bit more before I decide on which I will go with. Another first of the year decision.

Thanks to Stan Blinco in California, I have sketches of the interior door handle and linkage mechanism. Also sketches of the bits that go in the windshield posts I need, as well as sketches of the wood in the car, including the doors.

I picked up a Delco Generator I believe has the correct pulley on it, so hopefully yet another item off the list.

I found through Ron Merker a source to rebuild my water pump with modern bearings/seals but still look original. I'm looking in to this.

I managed to get pictures of the step pad bracket for the lower fender mount step pad bracket. I should be able to get this bent and drilled.

I picked up an original radiator cap (actually two, there are two different styles, I believe mine should be the one with the rib down the center). One is in excellent shape, the other is in fair to good condition.

I picked up a modern reproduction sending unit for the fuel tank, made by a company using the "Atwater Kent" name. It doesn't look exactly like the original but looks like it should work. Which ultimately is what matters. The appearance is extremely close to the original appearance.

<span style="font-weight: bold"> [color:\\"red\\"] In the still needed department: </span>

I need pictures or details of the linkages (or the linkage) between the arms of the two windshield wipers. I have the motor, but no arms, nor the bushing for the passenger arm, nor the linkage between the two (from pictures it looks like it is just a heavy piano wire bent between the two arms?)

I still need the manifold heat control cable & knob assembly, or at least a knob for it.

I still need the brackets for the side lights (cowl lights, but they don't mount on the cowl they mount on the windshield posts).

I still need a right hand door latch assembly for a 1930 Chrysler open car.

State of the car:

Frame is nearing ready to paint, just needs some minor grinding down to smooth in a few spots, and a good heavy final going over with the wire brushes before priming.

The engine is running well, however I may have a carburetor float issue or a fuel pressure issue. I seem to get quite a bit of gasoline in the intake manifold after the engine stops. This drips out the 'drip tube' in the manifold, however the quantity concerns me. Probably a bit less than an ounce, but still a good bit of gas to dump.

I have the doors off the car and am making mechanical drawings of the wood I need to replace inside the skins. I have examined virtually all of the wood in the car and unfortunately I have good solid idea of what has to be replaced, more than I had hoped, but depending on the cowl wood once I get a bit more removed so I can see it, maybe not as bad as I feared.

I found a local source for marine plywood for the rumble seat floor area (found it odd that these were originally plywood). Also for the kiln dried ash as well.

I've started revamping the garage so I can get the wood working shop set up. It doesn't look like it is going to be as complicated as I first thought to make the parts.

Sadly there is a chance I will have to pull the body despite my best efforts to avoid it. Some of the wood bits are screwed together with the screws coming in from the outside, with the body sheet metal covering the heads. Most of the wood is deteriorated enough this isn't a problem, however I expect the way things have gone, to find one ore more areas I will have to either cut out or remove the body to replace.

Well as I lay here staring up at the ceiling, and happy to have a laptop... I guess I've rambled enough. Sure will be glad when my back decides it is ready for me to start working on the cars (amongst other things)...


PS: Oh yeah I found a source for a pair of original (though dirty) exhaust brackets too.

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