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8 track player in perfect dash

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Well the car I pulled it from looked completely original right down to the hubcaps. It had the big front bumper like all 73's I've seen before. I don't know anything about 74-75s so maybe its from one of those? It has red needles on the gauges. I am not sure when they switched from white to red.

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74-75 changes dramatically...

Here is a picture of a 71-72 bezel. Note the chrome trim around the woodgrain. 73 doesn't have this - the woodgrain goes all the way to the edge.


Both my 71's also have red/orange needles grin.gif

Might have been a bezel swap at some time....71-73 dashes are all the same and all the parts interchange.. confused.gif

Interesting you found this in a 73....it's hard to mistake those bumpers grin.gif

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