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Need Tune-up Specs for 1906 Ford K and others. Help!

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We are going overseas to tune-up, start and basically get running the following cars: 1903 Cadillac Model A, 1903 Ford Model A, 1906 Ford N or P, 1906 Ford K 1906 Cadillac Model K, 1907 Ford K, 1948 Tucker. All the cars are suffering from "dis-use-trophy" We will clean all tanks and ready all systems. We do need a wiring diagram for the 1907 Ford K with the 6 short coil set-up. We could use tune-up specs on the Tucker and plug type. Any help, advise, ideas, photo-copies will be greatly appreciated by the facility that owns the cars. None are for sale. Thanks, Ed Fallon www.cavecreekclassics.com


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