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"The Return of the Buicks" Videotape

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The November "Bugle" includes an ad for The Light Production Company videotape covering the Buick Centennial in Flint. Is anyone familiar with the videotape or the individual who put it together?

Roberta, you had previously indicated that the Buicktown Chapter hoped to gather television film footage and other videotape to prepare a video as a Buicktown Chapter project. I assume that the videotape offered in the "Bugle" ad is something different from what the Buicktown Chapter is planning to offer?

I'm asking the questions in part because I had purchased a videotape that was offered following the last Flint National Meet in 1988. Unfortunately, the individual who made the tape was not a professional videographer and was also not highly knowledgeable about the cars. Because he kept the camera running as he walked from car to car -- jouncing to-and-fro -- I cannot watch the videotape without becoming physically ill. I'm serious; it was that bad!

This time, I will be more selective about the videos I purchase. If anyone can comment about this one, I would appreciate the input.

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I've heard that it may not be very good, but I don't know, that was 2nd or 3rd hand, I haven't recieved my Bugle yet, maybe today. Also B'town is going to have a video, we saw a preview at last month's meeting. Not sure of timeframe, but will let you know. RV

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