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Smartin: Did you acquire a '73 Riviera GS?

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Good eye Brian!

Yes, I have in my hands a ROUGH 73 Riv GS Stage1. I bought it as a donor for my posi rear end. This past Sunday, I swapped the rears and now it's back up for sale locally. There are some big problems with the car that I'm not willing to tackle myself, so that's why I'm letting it go. Pictures....let's see....

Pics can be seen here:


It looks 1000% better in the pictures than in real life. You should see the roof up close....yikes!

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Adam, thanks for the update. Glad you located the posi for your Centurion. I like the installation photos. The Centurion is looking great. What's the story with the road wheels on the back? (Just figured it out; these came from the Riviera.) Will be interested to hear about any performance improvement you're able to document.

The boattail Rivieras look great in black. Looks like someone was trying for a Grand National paint scheme with the blacked out grille and headlamp bezels.

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Adam, I see that someone has encouraged you to change over to a manual transmission. I'm sure you are aware that a three-speed manual was standard equipment on the Centurions at the beginning of the '71 model year. (Manual trans cars were built only at the Wilmington plant.) I have heard of a loaded black '71 Centurion convertible -- Wilmington-built -- that was ordered (and delivered) with the manual transmission rather than the THM-400. This car also had the Modified High Performance 455 option. Would be interesting to know whatever happened to that car.

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Bummer that Sloan doesn't have invoices for the 71's. We might have been able to find that black 71 frown.gif

Yeah, the previous owner of the Riv was going for the "stealth" look as he was painting all the trim black....including the stainless pieces around the windows. tongue.gif

On a lighter note, it has a stock rebuilt 455 in it....pretty lame though. Needs lots of work.

I would kill to see a picture of a 3spd setup in the Centurion. How weird would that look? crazy.gif

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