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Need heat riser tube fabricated

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Anyone know if there is a place in the Chicago area that could fabricate a new heat riser tube for 66 LeSabre (right manifold to Carter AFB)? I have the broken old piece(s) that were original. I'm not very talented at doing anything with tubing! Thanks in advance for any direction.

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I can share my experience with fabricating these. I needed one for my '65 300, and discovered that replacements were made of unobtanium. The fix was pretty simple. Because the carb end had some very tight bends in the tube, the considered opinion of folks with experience was that it would be difficult/impossible to duplicate. The fix was to purchase a length of 3/16 brake line and a compression coupling. Then I cut the bad end off (manifold end) and bent the new tube to fit to the manifold, trimmed the other end to fit to the original piece and joined them with the coupling. Fortunately, the fitting 'hides' behind the exhaust manifold and isn't readily noticable.

Good luck!


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