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62 Electra Trunk Insert

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I just pulled out the trunk liner in my 62 Electra ragtop. Can someone describe what it's supposed to look like? Here's what I found

1. Cardboard formed on left and right sides to cover the inside of the quarters and the lower trunk hinge brackets. They were painted black but it looks like they used to be gray.

2. The remainder of the trunk pan and area under the boot was covered with black fuzzy cloth. Everything was glued in.

3. Under the black cloth was a layer of foam rubber backed cloth glued over the entire bottom, including the area under the boot. The cloth almost looks like burlap but it's not as heavy.

4. The lowest part of the pan had a piece that looked almost like tarpaper but was a little heavier.

Ok; was I pulling out the original stuff? It would seem to me that the trunk would be gray, not black. Was it just the cloth that was replaced?

For those of you that want the 'near original' look, how did you replace this stuff?

At least I have a solid pan under all that stuff.


Jerry <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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I have a buddy with a 62 225 ragtop....and he was able to find the right stuff to replace the old.

It was kindof a houndstooth pattern foamy fabric. About 1/8" thick padding.

His name is Hank Deglman. I can try to find out who he wnet to for the fabric/cardboard trunk liner.

It sounds like Jerry pulled the original stuff out, but it was painted black at some time in the past.

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If Buick did it like Olds/Pontiac, the trunk liner on the higher-line cars was color-coordinated to either exterior or interior color. I've seen Ninety-Eight and Starfire with black, red, turquoise and blue trunk lining, and Pontiac Ventura/GP/Bonneville with blue, black and red. Olds liked felt floors and solid-colored cardboard sides; Pontiacs had a tweed-looking pattern for the floor vinyl and side cardboards.

Lower-line cars (Dynamic 88, Catalina) used the tan tweed liner on floors only, with no side trim.

Based on Jerry's description, I'm fairly sure it was the original stuff. I believe the cardboard came gray or neutral and was painted to match the trunk lining.

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