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Well I have bitten the bullet and have decided to build a set of spoked wheels for my 1909 Holsman. Now the hard part, they are supposed to be a "dished" wheel, that is there is a bend in the spokes, allowing more spring, flex & strength, Now I can build a lathe (and have ) that can handle an elipitical profile common to most spokes, particularly of the period 1910-20, but I am battling with the concept of a bent spoke. Any ideas?

Please reply here or directly to: veteransection@yahoo.com.au


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Yes there is an actual bend in the spokes that when combined achieves a "dished" effect for the wheel.

I have seen other designs that do incorporate a staggered and angled spoke radiating from the hub, but these ones are bent. This obviously will make it difficult to spin and cut on a lathe, however, a somewhat similar effect is achieved when making axe handles and the like so it must be possible.

I take my hat off to the guys who did this 100 years ago.


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yes I have heard that the Amish communities manufacture these, I have not yet been able to inspect one of their products, as surprisingly they are not on the net. I live a little far from any communities to just "drop" in as I live in the South Western corner of Australia, but would appreciate any close up pictures anyone may have of their wheels.


Dave Hume

Chair (Veteran Section- Pre 1919)

Veteran Car Club of Western Australia

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