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46 Zephyr value?

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I am new to this. Does anyone know the approximate value of an unrestored

46 Lincoln Zephyr 4 door sedan? Are they valuable? rare? anyone know how many

were made or how I can find out?

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Hi Barb, of course on this site you are talking to the congregation, and we all feel that our sacred Lincolns from 1938-1948 are valuable and desirable. Practically speaking, it depends greatly on the originality, how well it runs, the paint and upholstery, and the normal considerations one would make with any used car. Fortunately, we have a member here who has just bought a 1946 sedan, and am sure will share some of his very current experience. To establish a value, some more information would be helpful, Rolf

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You might want to check the Hemmings site. They have valuation formulae.

The sedan is probably the least desireable of all the models offered in '46. However, these cars in any form are getting hard to find so that considerations mentioned by Rolf apply. Total production in '46 was 16,645 cars and probably 2/3rds were sedans. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so if it appeals to you and you'd love to have and drive it restored then go for it. I would suggest you make a list of all the things you need to do to it and the timing so as to help in your "valuation" process.

You may e-mail me if you have something specific as I'm starting restoration on my '46 sedan. Dee dnjnpo@earthlink.net

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