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I need to have some input on how to properly put the door rubber in my 37 4-Door. I had wrongly assumed that it would all go on the door like my 57 Ranchero and 65 Mustang. Thanks to Cecil's pictures I know that I did it wrong the first time. I need to know how much rubber goes against the body of the 4-Door. Does it end at the top of the door against the body, or does it curve and go down to the middle of the door? I am also assuming that were it ends on the body, it begins on the door. Can someone with some 4-Door experience help me out on this one? By the way, I can remove the rubber on the door without damaging it, it has not set up hard yet, so I am lucky for the moment. So I need to get this task taken care of when I can still reuse what I have.


Ace Collins


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