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Oil pump flow and return

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My '38 Zephyr has three outlets from the LH rear of the block, one facing upwards for the oil pressure gauge, and two facing outwards. Which is the flow from the oil pump and which is the return to it? I assume the flow goes to the very bottom of the filter canister and the return from part way up the canister, so as not to collect the sludge?


Mike Williams

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Guest imported_V12Bill

The verticle hole in the back of the block is the preasure line that leads to the oil preasure sending unit and the oil filter cannister. The lead from the bottom of the cannister goes to the forward, lateral hole in the back of the block. The third lateral hole to the rear is plugged. I think there are some static oil preasure tests that are done using this hole. There is oil preasure in the return line ffrom the oil filter.


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