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dome light glass

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Newbie here. Have a friend w/a sweet 47 Club Coupe that needs to find the glass insert for the dome light. He says he can only ever find plastic and would like a glass one as this is what the car came with (his is cracked).

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Honestly I am not sure. A friend of mine owns this particular car, it has 33K original miles and he said the light cover is glass. Apparently he has seen the plastic ones but wants a glass one if available. His is functional but cracked. Probably the biggest flaw on the entire car. The thing is amazingly clean.....

He is an older guy and not internet compatible so I am trying to help him out, as he has had no luck at swap meets and the like.


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Hey Coupe -

You might try some of the vendors listed under the "sources" section of the website. I've talked with most of them, and they've all been very helpful. I'm sure one of them can help you out.

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