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1920's "Orriford Lake" paint color Can anyone help?

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I received the following letter, can anyone shed some light on this paint color?


I was delighted to find your website with colours of cars built in the 1920s - as a result of a chance search for 'Orriford Lake'

My interest in this colour is that a local bus company which I have researched and which ran in the 1920s near to where I stay (in Glasgow, Scotland) used a colour called 'Orriford Lake' and I would like to establish what this was like. I had always thought that these buses were blue, but now wonder if they were a maroon colour - I know that 'Crimson Lake' was the name of a maroon colour used by one of the main railway companies in Britain at that time.

I wonder if you can throw any more light on this for me - can you, for example, describe what Orriford Lake paint was like eg was it a light or dark maroon, a brown-maroon, a purple-maroon, and so on?

I would be grateful for any help which you can give me on this.

George Heaney



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