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48 cont. stone guards needed??

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Hello My first post here.....I have a 73 vette Im restoring.. Here is the lincoln part,my father has a 48 con. with a olds motor a hot rod from the 50's

It was painted this summer and we need the rear stone guards if any one has a set let me know how much.we need seats for it any help??????????

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Guest imported_V12Bill

If you belong to the Lincoln Continental Owners Club, you will see in the Continental Comments newsletter, that the Mid Atlantic Region has stone guards for about $75.00. These are a pretty good repro of the originals.

Contact Miki Peaase, P.O. Box 51, Wood River Junction, RI 02894 for details.

For seats, you have to let us know coupe or cabriolet and front and /or back.


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