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WANTED: Early 1950s Caddy


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Hi there:

I'm working on a Hank Williams documentary for American Public Broadcasting (PBS) and their award-winning American Masters series.

Hank died in a two-door 1952 series 62 Cadillac with a baby blue body and dark blue cloth convertible top. We want desperately to find a car that matches this description. We're pretty certain a 1952 will be impossible to find, so we're opening the search up to ANY early 50s Caddy two-door convertible that matches the baby blue/dark blue color scheme. This car will preferably be in the Southern, Western or Midwestern United States.

As a very last resort, we will accept a white or black model, and then recolor the film.

Any suggestions or comments are terrifically welcome.

Thanks so much.


. . . . . . . . . . .

Brenna Sanchez

Associate Producer

Tremolo Productions

Los Angeles CA

tel. 323-255-9044


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