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Das Awkscht Fescht, who was there?

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I was registered for Saturday and was really looking forward

to driving my Monte Carlo there again. However, when I was ready to

leave my house about 7:00AM, it was raining hard. I figured the rain

would pass, but it kept raining until noon, and then showers in the

afternoon. The end result is that I ended up staying home.

To anyone who attended, how was the show field, muddy, dry???

How many cars showed up?

As I have a VCCA National Meet this week, I did not want to spend

the week cleaning my car in preparation.

Oh well, there is always next year......


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Benefits of AACA Membership.

We were at DAF on Saturday and never saw a drop of rain!

We drove our 1931 Ford Deluxe Tudor from Maryland. Di and I have been attending DAF for about 10 years. This year, going along with us were a 1930 Ford Cabriolet, 1930 Ford Coupe, 1965 Ford convertible and 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, all members of Harford Region.

Ford was the feature car this year and our Deluxe Tudor was parked in the front row next to the feature tent and food court. The Lehigh Valley Model A club did a nice job with the displays in the feature tent.

We left at 6:00am and there was some heavy fog going over the mountains flanking the Lehigh Valley but it was burning off fast and we made the roughly 110 mile trip in about 2 hours and 15 minutes (including a potty stop). There were a few times the clouds got real dark during our drive to Macungie but we never encountered any rain during the trip up, throughout the event, or the trip home.

The field was dry... no sign of mud from any rain that might have occurred during the week before, even dusty in some places. There didn't seem to be any noticable large gaps in the car fields, so I am assuming that most of the registered participants probably showed up. There did seem to be less cars on the ballfield (1960s and newer car area) but I figured that this was only because most of the Fords were parked next to the Feature tent. I do remember not seeing as many of the real early cars (electrics, steamers, etc.) so they may have stayed home.

The sky stayed partly cloudy all day with a few dark clouds occasionally appearing in the distance. But they always moved on and the sun was shining all day. The temperature began to get very hot after lunch and many people were showing signs of sunburn towards the end of the day.

Congrats to the Ontelaunee Region AACA and the Town of Macungie for another great DAF!

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Dry as a bone all day with dry field conditions. Typical Macungie HOT (read very hot as usual) and we all hoped for some cloud cover and a breeze.

Plenty of show cars but the marques seemed more scattered than usual around the show field.

A great little show where you can still make that special find at the swap meet.

Great job and hats off to the organizers.

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Although I was registered, went as a spectator since the car is down for a clutch replacement. Took my 70-something year old father and he loved it. The cars jogged some good stories out of him like how he rode to school in a Model A rumble seat and how his first new car was a '47 Chevy. Took his picture next to a '57 Chevy convertible, since I still don't forgive my mother for not letting me buy one for $1,000 when I was home from college in the summer of 1976. One of the high points was the Nash four door sedan woodie. As usual, hot and humid, but always one of the summer's best shows.

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I was there on Saturday with my '64 Valiant convertible (one of four Valiants present- one '62, one '63, and two '64s).

I think mine was the only Valiant ragtop.

I guess two universal constants of the car show world are:

1) Hershey will have mud.

2) Macungie will be HOT !

Lots of great cars; I think one of the best parts is getting there early and parking yourself in a chair under the trees and watching the

"parade" roll in !

One of the most impressive cars (to me) was a 1910 ('11?) Chadwick touring car - a huge white monster with more brass than I've ever seen on a car!

Huge 6 cylinder engine with copper water jackets, etc.

Made near Philly.

Also two very nice unrestored early Fords: a 1903 Model "A" and a 1905 Model "F".

A really great show...its always a treat to see so many pre-WWII cars (like, nearly a dozen Franklins !)

Frank McMullen

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Thanks for the reports......I am kicking myself for not

going. I will be at Hershey rain or shine, going for

my Senior.

I agree that it is one of the best shows around. see you next year.


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