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Tour Dates???

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Just thinking ahead a little. Does anyone know if the following AACA tours have been awarded and if so what are the dates and locations of the tours?

2004 Reliability Tour

2005 Vintage Tour

2006 Reliability Tour

Thanks in advance.

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Benefits of AACA Membership.


Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think everyone was on the Founders Tour.

The Brass-Nickel was thinking about hosting the 2004 ReliabilityTour in Wilmington NC. Because the AACA wanted another joint tour with the Horseless Carriage Club, we asked the NC Regional group, a very active HCCA Region of about 125 families that has been doing successful 5 day tours for 52 years, to be a joint sponsor. We asked because the BNTR is a very small region of about 35 families spread out into 3 states. We did not feel that we could handle a joint tour on our own.

I am sorry to say that they turned us down so we dropped the idea. We are thinking about hosting the 2005 Vintage Tour in the Wilmington area but no decision has been made yet.

Thanks again for the info.


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Judy ~ I'm not convinced that joint tours with other major national clubs are the greatest idea to come down the pike. The problem, to me at least, seems to be based on the differing touring objectives, policies and procedures of the various clubs. Then there is the little matter of egos and who wants to be the LEAD joint sponsor and so forth. I have participed in such a joint tour, and although it was a fun 5 days, there were obvious problems that probably would not have occurred had it been sponsored exclusively by either Club. I belonged to both of the clubs, so I didn't care who sponsored the tour, but I sincerely believe single sponsorship would have been better.

As always, this is just my opinion. <img src="" alt="" />


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