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Any recommendations on a GPS that I can use in my Reatta?



Hertz uses Magellan 750M in some of their rent cars. It worked great but I think those are about $1650! Any suggestions?


J. M. Hellman

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I have an older Delorme (serial port) that connects to my laptop & is around 1998 vintage. It works very well will even track on the enclosed road atlas and give a readout of ground speed. (Before Clinton removed the military offset it be going up the grass on the side of the Interstate but what the heck).

Must admit I have used the street atlas much more than the GPS and has saved me a number of times when lost in odd places, now I usually plot where I am going down to the street address the night before.

That said last Christmas my wife gave me the 2003 version of the Delorme Street Atlas software. Afer about a month I reverted to the 1998 version. May not have all the new roads but it comes up immediately and is intuitive unlike the 2003. Am not certain what it was designed for but is not making simple trips. Have complained about it a few times but finally just went back to the older software.

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I have the no longer available Sony SkyMap 2000 on my IBM laptop and simply love it. Has a dedicated Etack GPS receiver. Door to door 8 saved waypoints, you can even talk to the fool thing (voice commands). I love it and couldn't live without it.

Was looking to upgrade to the 2003 version of the Delorme Street Atlas. I had the previous version purchased to replace the SkyMap but it was so difficult to use and ate batteries I reverted back to the old SkyMap. Still might upgrade to the 2003 version of the Delorme Street Atlas for the new streets and Points of Interest. It is susposed to have a very accurate GPS receiver, BUT if it frustrates padgett????

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14 minutes ago, sawyeryer said:


$ 1650 is too expensive! You must have been cheated. Most GPS prices are around $ 100, and you can find many of these things in online stores such as Amazon and eBay. You can install them yourself, the operation is very simple. Then just follow the car on the phone.

Almost seventeen year lag for this answer??

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Why carry and extra gadget, Use WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS on your smartphone.  I travel all over the country using WAZE regulary and it works beautifully, plus reports police, construction, backups, and road dangers


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I have a 8 year old Garmin.  There may be better brands but once you get use to the system used by that brand I feel my Garmin

is much easier to use than the phone.   Example, (probably the settings) the phone goes blank after some period of time.

Using the phone you must go to another app to look up food and lodging.

My old Garmin could use a larger screen (probably because I am getting old)  I had to buy a lifetime map upgrade but everything comes

with lifetime upgrades.

Someone needs to market a navigation, with built in radar,  and phone.   The problem with that if one goes out you must replace the unit.

Mounting....I purchased a suction cup mount with about a 10 inch flexible mount.   I stick it on the far left of the windshield (low as possible)

the rest the navigation unit on the top lip of the dash....no vibration, it stays in place, does not obstruct you view of the road.

I also have an extra cord so I can easily move it from my GMC to the Reatta.     Our 2017 Enclave navigation is so difficult to use I often take the Garmin

on trips in the Enclave.

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Seems I responded last in 2003. Today I use the Google Maps in my cell phone, have a mag mount, and bluetooth/handsfree. Music from fone through RF sounds better than satellite.

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