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"National Award" tab

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After I was judged at Carlisle for my First Junior, which

I received, about 15 minutes later a single judge came by to

look over my 72 Monte Carlo. When I asked him what he was looking

for he stated that I was being considered for a National Award.

I re-opened the hood and trunk as requested (it was raining)

and thanked him. He then went on his way.

Not knowing what this award was, I looked in my judging manual

and it shows the National Award tab, but no explanation.

Can anyone give me any information?

Thank you,

Gregory Roser

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Hi, Greg...

This may help you. Click on "Antique Automobile Club of America" on the left column; Scroll down on the main page and click on "Rummage Box"; Click on "Spring 2003". There is an article on National Awards and how it works by Dave Zimmerman.

Another aid is the most recent copy of Antique Automobile (May-June 2003). On page 29, therein starts an article about the 67th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. It makes note of the National Award results on page 35.

Regards, Peter J.

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