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Hydraulic Pump

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I rebuilt my own, there really isnt much that can go wrong. There is a break down or exploded view in the back of the lincoln service manual. if you can hook it up to a power source and hear it spin that half the battle. the rest is mostly coagulated brake fluid in the passages which stick the high pressure valve in place, it takes allot of work to get the insides clean and lubed but its not hard work. I did have to grind on the nose of a pair of needle nose pliers to get them to a size that would fit in the hole to pull the high pressure valve out, after that it worked perfect. it also allot cheaper than 350 for them to look at it and then parts on top of that, let alone the cost of shipping. once rebuilt use tranny fluid, dont use brake fluid. If you need any more help let me know. if you live in calif by sacramento bring it by and I will check it out.


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Guest imported_V12Bill

I agree with the previous posts and would like to add one more trouble spot to look for. On the lower end of the armature shaft, where the leather seal makes contaact with the shaft, look for severe rusting caused by mmoisture being held in the leather of the seal. I sand blasted the area and used some sort of epoxy that some one gave me. I chucked the armature in a lathe and smoothed out the repair and all seems to be ok so far. If you have the experience and equipment a better repair could be made by filling the rust pits by MIG welding and chuking it in a lathe to smoothhh it down. Use care not to melt down the windings.

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