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Thermostats and starter button - same for LZ and Ford V8?

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1. Did the Ford V8 and LZ use the same thermostats in the same years?

2. Is the starter button the same? Was it a stainless steel bezel with "Starter" written above and a black button?

Thanks in advance.

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the thermostats are interchangable but had to find 155 degree or the bellows type. Sacramento vintage ford has the starter buttons that are the same as Lincolns except they dont say starter on them and both bezel and button are chrome, same as my 48.

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Thermostats for 32 - 36 Fords are supposed to be the same as all Lincolns. I have found thermostats at flea markets for Fords that are similar enough to use as is with little modification. As for the starter button, mechanically it will fit and work as needed. I don't know about the pre war Lincolns, but the post war models used a button with two concentric rings with "starter" on one of them, nota plain surround.

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