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Lincoln at mopar show

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I took my 48 lincoln conv. coupe to the big mopar show here in sacramento this weekend, I collect mopar muscle cars. it was a beautiful day to cruise with the top down. when I got there I parked across from the swap meet to go shopping for some parts and before I could get the engine shut off I had people running up to check out the car. while walking through the car show looking at a bunch of great looking mopar muscle cars I overheard more people talking about my car than the mopars, really made me feel good. One dad was walking with his kids and the kids said they would rather have the old Lincoln than the convertible road runner they were sitting in. I sure am glad I can have the best of both worlds. The Lincoln was a huge hit at the mopar show and always had a good size crowd around it. wish I would have taken a camera. its nice to know 6 years restoring this car is appreciated by more than just the Lincoln crowd. also won first place at the last 2 car shows I have taken it to and im still waiting to get the top and carpet done.

Have a good day and for those of you restoring you cars just remember it is worth it all in the end.

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