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i have two original service bulletin book in the leather bound bidders for 1938-1947 v8 and v12 zephry's from ford motor co. these books appear to be complete with many section of valuable information:

book 1

1) service management

2) wheels-tires

3) brakes

4) front axle/ steering gear

5) rear axle

6) engine

7) springs/frame

8) transmission/clutch

9) cooling system

10) fuel system

11) electrical system

12) fenders/ shields

13) accessories

14) bodies

15) appearance services

16) control

17) equipment

18) maintenance

19) performance services

20) specifications

book 2

1) service management

2) wheels-tires

3) brakes

4) front axle/steering gear

5) rear axle

6) frame/ springs

7) engine

8) transmission/ clutch

9) cooling system

10) fuel system

11) generator system

12) starting system

13) ignition

14) lights/ horn

15) wiring

16) fenders/ sheilds

17) accessories

18) control

19) bodies

20) appearance

21) performance

22) specs

both books are in really nice codition and have no torn or greasy pages the leather binders don't have cuts tear or any damage. i would like to sell these to someone who could use the valuable information. these books would make a great addition at any car show.


terry hartzog


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