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1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk "hot rod" - $16,000

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Very interesting car...I think this is a familiar seller.... (more pics in ad) 


This is a true 50s hot rod. The previous owner rescued it from a barn in Maryland in 2017. It was sitting since 1974. The owner before him had it since 1959 and back then modified it into a manual 4-speed with Hurst linkage and glass-packs and traction bars. In 2018 the car was mechanically rebuilt including the engine, the supercharger, brakes, transmission and much more. I have tons of receipts from that work totaling to $26,000. The 259 V8 engine was bored out to a 304 V8. Originally, 57 Golden Hawks came stock with a supercharged 289 V8. It was changed out to a 259 V8 at some point, but the supercharger is working and intact. The tires are a bit oversize to give it that hot rod look. The previous owner wanted to maintain the patina but rebuild the mechanicals so the car would be a daily driver. It is very dependable. I would drive it anywhere
The car is not a cream puff as you can see. There is some rust along the fenders and rear quarters. The interior is actually quite nice with a new carpet. Bucket seats are from a GT Hawk. Heater and all gauges work. Full wheel covers are included but I prefer the no wheel covers look. This car is VERY FAST!! Current registration with a clear title in my name. $16,000/bo
To see video, go to YouTube and type in: 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk "hot rod"

email:     7c195365de94376da10f198c8d35071a@sale.craigslist.org

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